To ensure that the car they own can be maintained, many people register their vehicles with insurance so they are covered from unwanted things. Therefore, to make sure your vehicle is safe and secure, you need to register it with insurance and you should first identify the type or type of vehicle insurance available.

Asuransi All-Risk

All-Risk Insurance (all risks) is a type of vehicle insurance that can cover all bad risks to your car, especially for new cars. All Risk Insurance can protect your vehicle, from minor damage, such as abrasions on the body or car bumper to serious damage and loss of vehicle. But usually all risk insurance is a bit more expensive per year.

Asuransi Total Loss Only (TLO)

Total Loss Only (TLO) insurance is a type of insurance that only covers the risk of damage or theft if the cost of repair is estimated to exceed 75 percent of the price of the vehicle just before experiencing a loss. This type of insurance was chosen because the price is cheaper than all risk type insurance. The insurance service company will provide protection against partial or total damage to the car or car that is insured according to the amount of the premium value.

There are so many benefits of using insurance for your vehicle, especially if you often use the car for your day. Because if you don’t rely on insurance you can spend a lot of fun if there is damage to repair your car and even losses in the event of loss.

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